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When we speak of wildlife conservation we refer to the protection of endangered animals and plants and their habitats. With wildlife preservation we can be sure that the future generation can enjoy and realize why wildlife and the wilderness are important. Countries all over the world have expressed concern over wildlife conservation that they have created agencies for this sole purpose. Also, nonprofit organizations have promoted the cause of the conservation of wildlife. Because of the effects of human activity on wildlife, its conservation Mountain Wilderness International Facebook has become an important practice. There are many negative effects of human activity on wildlife. This results in animals getting extinct, animals losing their homes, and others.


Every year because of human activity, wildlife habitat is lost. The reason why there is habitat loss and the fight for survival of wildlife is the destruction, degradation, and fragmentation of wildlife habitat.


The ecosystem has been changed by human activity. These activities include agriculture, gas and oil extraction, and development of water diversion. Wildlife can also be destroyed by pollution, exploitation of natural resources, poaching and hunting which are unregulated, global warming and climate change.


If we conserve our wildlife, we will also benefit greatly by it. Below are some of the benefits that we, humans, can receive with the preservation of our wildlife.


There are many plants and animals in the wilderness that can be a source of food. And this is one of the economic benefits of wildlife conservation. It also gives fresh water to the surrounding communities because the wilderness protects its watersheds. We all know the importance of food and water, and these can be given to us in abundance if wildlife is not destroyed so Click here now.


Wildlife or the wilderness gives humans perfect outdoor recreation activities. If you are a nature lover, simply walking through the natural paths is something to enjoy. You can watch nature at its best. You can do activities like fishing, canoeing, hiking, hunting, and other activities. 


Medically, wildlife is very important since most of the medicine's ingredients come from plants. The abundance of plants also help us get fresh, clean air because plants and trees filter or take in the carbon dioxide while releasing fresh oxygen into the air. Thus, we can become healthier when wildlife is preserved.  Plants can also convert solar energy into chemical energy.


A conserved wildlife can also be used for ecotourism. This is a source of revenue for many countries in the world.