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 Wildlife is all living animals that have not been domesticated by human beings. They may include all animals and plants that grow, and they have not been initiated by the humans. Most cultures refer to the wildlife as the animals that are not interfered with by the human factors. However, most scientists have come to a conclusion that most wildlife is affected by the human activities. The human destruction could be direct or indirect. Some of the examples of the wildlife include lions, fungi, cheetah and hyenas among others. Some of the wild animals are considered sacred, and most religions fight against them being destroyed. The wild animals attract tourists, therefore, earning a country foreign exchange. People come from all over the world so that they can Know more and enjoy the scenery like mountains, green vegetation and other things that appear natural.


 Although the wildlife as critical, there are people who exploit the animals for their personal gain. The exploitation may not only include the animals but also the plants where they cut down trees and burn down the vegetation. Others may burn the trees down into charcoal and others for firewood. This is exploitation since it affects the environment and the wildlife at large. There are hunters who also kill the wild animals for food such as antelopes and buffaloes. Poachers are people who kill the animals for their selfish gains. They do not kill them so that they can eat the animals, but rather they kill so that they can collect their parts such as their skins and ivory from elephants and rhinos so that they can sell them.


 It is paramount for the government of a state to take the right measures so as to deal with such cases. Failure to do so, the wild animals' life is endangered, and some of the animals may be exposed to high risks, and they may go extinct. Some of the measures are to introduce rules for wildlife that should be followed by severe punishment if broken. The poachers should also be fined heavily and taken to jail for many years so that others may learn a lesson from them. 


 The state may also introduce programs so that they can Click here and protect the wildlife. It could be a movement for the protection against wildlife destruction. For example, a country may decide to introduce a tree planting day and involve everyone in the program. This can lead to the plantation of many trees that could reduce soil erosion and also bring rainfall to the country.